Bringing the vision to life

Infostellar was founded with the big dream of creating far-reaching communications infrastructure for humanity’s interplanetary and interstellar expansion. In order to make that dream a reality, we’ve decided on two main guiding factors in how we operate as a company. We aim to be:

  1. Software-driven
  2. Engineer-focused

And more than anything, we’re all passionate about creating a new status quo for space communications.


Naomi Kurahara
Co-Founder / CEO
Kazuo Ishigame
Co-Founder / COO
Toshio Totsuka
Co-Founder / Board Member
Lewis Pinault
Board Member


Shinichi Nakasuka
Nobuyuki Akashi


Toyohiko Kobayashi
Head of GS Management
Ryo Kawaguchi
Application Lead Engineer
Anuraag Agrawal
Platform Lead Engineer
Daniel De Sousa
Application Software Engineer
Keisuke Kondo
Platform Software Engineer
Satoshi Ezawa
Director of Corporate Strategy
Swathinath Vijayan
Director of Business Development
Hazel Naylor
Director of Communications
Yoshiyuki Sekine
Office Manager

Tokyo Office