Our Philosophy

Infostellar is made up of committed, talented people who want to bring real change to today's space industry, and how we'll communicate in space in the future.

We’re fast-paced and flexible, integrating specialties across a variety of fields to make us smarter and more agile. Forging new ground means making new standards and tackling complex problems.

Each team member is absolutely integral to that pursuit, and we’re looking for people who can flourish in that environment.

Current Openings

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Our Values



For individual needs, identities, and areas of expertise. Essential in creating the best possible diversity of talent and life experience.



Open-mindedness. Excitement about space and new technological possibilities. Flexibility toward new ideas and methods of working.



Deep knowledge of your field. A detail-oriented personality. The drive to never stop learning.



One of the defining aspects of our office is that we have the utmost respect for one another’s work and individual needs. That’s why we strive to create an adaptable, casual environment that allows remote work and flexible hours, particularly for primary caregivers.



Been thinking about a career in Tokyo? At Infostellar, you’ll find full healthcare coverage, commuter plans for all employees, as well as relocation and full visa support for those without Japanese citizenship. We also hold regular team offsites, TGIF parties, and game nights.



We’re located in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, home to the local electronic music scene, Tokyo street fashion, and some of Japan’s fastest growing startups. When we’re not in our Dogenzaka office, you can find us chatting over a craft beer or tackling a real escape game.


I see our company as a blank slate, and our team as a small powerhouse ready for explosive growth. That team needs people who love challenges, who can grow and change with the company, and who want to help us create a business like none other in the world.

Naomi (CEO)


We’re committed to keeping the engineering standard exceptionally high, and obsess about code quality and scalability of the systems we build. I believe good engineers find that kind of environment rewarding, and those are the engineers we want here.

Ryo (Lead Engineer)


We really care about good technology. We’re looking for someone who is proactive and interested in staying state of the art, instead of relying on the way things have been so far.

Rag (Lead Engineer)


The whole company was founded on a deep passion for space and our future there. It’s really a privilege to work with such passionate, driven people.

Hazel (Communications)


This is a very fresh market. Simply put, nobody has ever done this. There’s no such thing as a fixed industry standard here. It’s our job to find out what the new standard is.

Vijay (Business Development)


Our team comes from a lot of different backgrounds, like aerospace engineering or software engineering. It’s never boring, there’s always something to learn.

Dan (Software Engineer)